Working with vetted developers and designers has never been easier.


Talk to us

We will take notes concerning your project requirement and the specific challenges of your project. Details will be evaluated with our in-house client services manager.

Pick Up Best Fit Team

ASHLAR will provide you the A Team details who are gonna work on your project.

1on1 Meeting with the Team

A Zoom/Skype meeting with the Team to know them better.

Lock the Deal

Once you pick your team, we will send you the necessary paperwork and the first month’s invoice for your remote team. We’ll set a state date once you’ve signed the Service Agreement and cleared the invoice.


The day before we start your project, your team will be fully briefed with details from your 360 review to guarantee they have a good understanding of the project and your requirements and expectations. If we already have access to your source code, your team will be actively studying it.


Remote solutions (without the remote problems)

Explore the MarketSearch for candidates that are a good fit for your projects through a rapid process with transparent costing.

Build a Remote TeamWith Ashlar, you have access to a skilled resource pool from across the globe that help you build a great team.

Hire and LaunchOur HR team helps you welcome employees with personalized, professional onboarding, and workspace management.

Receive Weekly ReportsReview how your employee’s time is allocated weekly with the total number of hours spent on your project tasks.

Hiring Support by AshlarWe remain in touch with you throughout your journey with your employee to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


On your Mark. Get set. Grow.

World-class talent. Successful remote teams. Ashlar Innovation Management Platform. This is how the future is going to work. If you’re ready, so are we.